Alan "Blind Owl" WIlson - Photo by Steve LaVere
    Welcome to the tribute page for the forgotten voice of Woodstock;  Alan Wilson was a true student of the Blues and eastern Indian music, and his subsequent research and teachings played an essential role in the blues revival of the 1960s.

     Alan helped lead to the rediscovery of Son House, Robert Pete Williams, and Bukka (Booker) White.

     This webpage will chronicle his accomplishments and provide accurate answers to the many questions and rumors about the composer of “Going Up The Country”

The Boogie House Tapes Vol.3     1/07/2009: This is exciting; the Boogie House Tapes Vol.3 has been released, and features a good amount of new material featuring the Blind Owl. The alternate version and solo by Alan on “On The Road Again” on the first disc is worth the $12 price tag alone.

     Yes; we do have a bit of bias here at; the cover art was designed by us, and inspired by the Canned Heat 78 press kit released in 1968! We are honored to have been a part of this project.

     1/06.2009: Another graphic added to the top, and a few tweaks to to the layout.

     1/04/2009: A new logo in the corner (whew), and the new look for is starting to come together. For those of you that have been asking, the Navigation/Sterno cans are next to be updated. We’re getting to the point where we could have new content every few days... Hopefully hat’s an incentive to keep checking back!

           And Yes;

Due to popular demand, we are transcribing Alan’s Broadside of Boston essays on Son House and Robert Pete Williams.

   12/17/2008: We have just posted a new interview: Canned Heat. The Band That Refused To Be a Jukebox and Got Fired from Melody Maker on 9/14/1968. This is the article which is referenced in the Canned Heat biography. Bob, Larry and Alan break it down for MM right as “On The Road Again” was breaking the top ten in Europe. Be sure to head back to to the Interviews page when you are done; the individual interviews/stories have been re-formatted for ease of reading.

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